Issue with sendmail

Javier Uria javier.uria at
Thu Mar 15 10:05:33 UTC 2012


I have built Busybox v1.19.4 with Buildroot for my target device and 
added the sendmail command.

The problem is that I am not allowed to tell sendmail to stop getting 
data from stdin and finally send the email.

I have tried in the following ways:

1. sendmail -f from at -S to at

And then sendmail waits for data from stdin. I write anything and then 
try with Enter, Ctrl-D, Enter again, and so on, but it never stops 
waiting for more data.

2. sendmail -f from at -S to at < 

Where mail.txt contains the body of the message to be sent. After this, 
sendmail still waits for data from stdin.

3. cat mail.txt | sendmail -f from at -S 
to at

With the same result as in point 2.

Have you please any ideas about this issue?

Bes Regards,

Javier Uria

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