Permanent route

Bernd Nachtigall bnacht at
Mon Mar 5 12:53:04 UTC 2012


walter harms wrote in: "Re: Permanent route (<4F54ABE1.7050908 at>)"
>>Am 05.03.2012 12:54, schrieb Bernd Nachtigall:
>> i want to add a permanent route. Which is the right file to do this?
>> Is this /etc/rc.network_routing?
>> Maybe there is a example how to do this in the right manner?

>Hello Bernd,
>this depends on the way your distro is working.
>Busybox can only provide the tools to do that.
>the basic thing is "route" you need a line like that below
>called in the beginning of your startup, after ifconfig
>route add -net NET_IP netmask NET_MASK
>see man route for more details.
>hope that helps,
> wh

i know the command 'route' or 'ip'. But i do not know in which file i 
should insert this so that it runs every time busybox is started.



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