udhcpc: not adding userclass to the script env (anymore...)?

Paul Smith paul at mad-scientist.net
Fri May 20 17:38:56 UTC 2011

Hi all.

I was using busybox 1.15.3, and configured my DHCP server to send a
userclass value of 'FOO' with the registration response.  I use dnsmasq
and the dnsmasq config was:


(option 77 decimal, or 0x4D, is the userclass option).

With busybox 1.15.3, this value was then added to the environment in my
udhcpc script; if I checked the "userclass" env. var. I would see it set
to "FOO".

Now I've upgraded to busybox 1.18.3, and using the identical DHCP server
and configuration, the udhcpc version that comes with 1.18.3 does not
add the "userclass" value to the environment; running "env" in the
script udhcpc invokes shows that variable is not present (not set).  I
have all the same settings in my busybox config as before and I've
checked and don't see anything new in the udhcp config.

My system kind of depends on this information (basically each network
interface on my system can be attached to one of two different subnets
and I use this value set by the DHCP server to tell the client what
subnet that interface is attached to).

Is this something that got broken or lost?  Or am I doing something


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