busybox with single applet enabled

Ralf Friedl Ralf.Friedl at online.de
Fri May 20 13:00:07 UTC 2011

Sergey Naumov wrote:
> Let's imagine a typical situation:
> you changed some applet and now you want to test it. You call "make
> allnoconfig",
> then in menuconfig you enable desired applet, make busybox and call
> applet as usual:
> ./busybox applet parameters
> And... your parameters are treated differently than for ./applet -> ./busybox,
> ./applet parameters case.
> May be busybox gurus aware of it, but it looks like a bug for regular
> users, or, OK, at least for me =)
> It took about 30 mins to find run_applet_and_exit() function and
> realize that it is wrapped by #ifdef
> for multi-applet busybox.

There are two simple solutions for this.

First, omit "make allnoconfig" and "make menuconfig" and just use the 
configuration you actually want to use. If you changed only one applet, 
make will only recompile this applet and create a busybox that is ready 
to use.

Second, if you prefer to enable only one applet, create a symlink applet 
-> busybox. This symlink will not be deleted by make and it will refer 
to the updated busybox binary after a remake. You can call your applet 
with ./applet whether busybox contains one or more applets.


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