SD-card formatting

Peter Boudewijns ingpjb at
Fri May 20 09:39:08 UTC 2011

Hello All,

I've designed an embedded board with an ATMEL AT91SAM9260 (rev B) based 
on the reference-design from Atmel and an Olimex SAM9_L9260 devellopment 
board. I'm using the 2.6.31 kernel and a statically linked Busybox (v 

When I try to format a 1GB SD-card (with fdisk) all looks allright. I 
create 1 partition spanning the entire SD-card, BUT when makeing a 
filesystem on it (EXT2 or EXT3) I get an error that makes the processor 
reboot (I don't know exactly which exception occurs, nor do I know which 
vector is used to make the jump, all vectors are set to 0 by the way).

When I change the partition-settings via fdisk (heads, sectors, 
cylinders) to a combination of 1/4 of the total disk capacity all goes well.

Does anyone recognize this problem and hopefully know a solution ?

Kindest regards,


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