busybox with single applet enabled

Sergey Naumov sknaumov at gmail.com
Fri May 20 03:44:06 UTC 2011

> busybox is about small size. If binary contains exactly one applet,
> why it should include any code to check its name?

Of course it shouldn't, but may be it is possible to issue a warning
at compilation stage, smth like "busybox was built as single applet.
Do not call it as 'busybox applet_name'."

last_fancy patch:
In expectation of a question, I want to answer that of course I know,
that all filtering can be done by grep, sed and so on, but if you
don't want to touch old code that uses full-blown last or you use user
interface where user can specify exactly one command... I deal with
such a project, so I send a patch just in hope it can be useful for
smbd, not because I insist on incorporating it.

While working on adduser -C, I found a todo about invocation of
addgroup from adduser with -g flag and incompatibility with desktop
adduser. I have tried to solve it, but discovered that we can
unambiguously determine what kind of program we execute (applet or
desktop program) only if FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS is enabled. If it is
disabled, then we can't detect type of program by finding executable -
it could be just applet wrapper. May be the easiest way to solve this
issue is to enable long options in addgroup by menuconfig
infrastructure if  FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS is not selected, or anyway
try to use applet first regardless FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS disabled.

Also without FEATURE_PREFER_APPLETS we will not call applet (if it was
not "installed" - no symlink or wrapper script) even if we didn't find
a desktop program, because in spawn_and_wait we call spawn, and there
we call BB_EXECVP version without applet searching. It is mostly about
testing, because on embedded system applet will be "installed", but is
it desired behavior or bug?

Sergey Naumov.

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