chroot option for loginutils

Sergey Naumov sknaumov at
Thu May 12 20:27:44 UTC 2011

> I think this is rather easy to achieve:
> 1) change the  paths  in libbb.h
> #ifndef _PATH_PASSWD
> #define _PATH_PASSWD  "/etc/passwd"
> #endif
> #ifndef _PATH_GROUP
> #define _PATH_GROUP   "/etc/group"
> #endif
> #ifndef _PATH_SHADOW
> #define _PATH_SHADOW  "/etc/shadow"
> #endif
> #ifndef _PATH_GSHADOW
> #define _PATH_GSHADOW "/etc/gshadow"
> #endif
> to what is suitable for you target system e.g $HOME/new_target/etc/passwd
> 2) compile a separate busybox binary to be used only during setup
>     with all loginutils you need enabled and using bb's internal pwd_grp functions
>     and name it pwd_setup
> 3) create the needed empty files on the target filesystem
> 4) create a script calling your pwd_setup binary to add users, groups, passwd etc
>    in loop for all the users you like.
> Just an idea, but should work without adding code to bb.
> Ciao,
> Tito
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I wanted to be able to change the place of the directory dynamically,
but it can be achieved by symbolic link indeed. But, if it is shipped
in RO cdrom... Anyway I will try it, thanks.

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