Feature request: Busybox web site, library of contributions

Harald Becker ralda at gmx.de
Thu May 12 19:40:30 UTC 2011

 Hi all!

I want to suggest an extension to the Busybox web site. A lot of
functionality, not used by the majority of Busybox users, can be
achieved by the creation of some scripts (shell, awk, etc.). May be some
are simple and reinvention doesn't waste a lot of time (for experts),
but other scripts may be sophisticated or complex ... and why always
reinvent the wheel? So it would be a nice feature if there exist a
library of such (more or less well tested) scripts on a central place.
This could especially be a base of information and assistance for
(script) novices. They can pick one or more scripts from the library. In
case a script fits anyones need, the script has just to be installed.
Otherwise it could be used as an example or base for specific
modifications ... or just as extended kind of documentation.

I know there are independent archives of scripts out there, but here I'm
talking about scripts created for Busybox. That is they shall work using
only Busybox applets, for functionalities required by Busybox users.
Upstream compatible implementations of commands not part of Busybox
core, etc.

... not to be considered a mass storage of thousands of scripts, where
everybody throws in and nobody cares (and knows what's in archive)

... only a selection of carefully chosen/tested scripts

... and may be other contributions not included in the main line
(documentation, howto, configuration files for special cases, snippets
like sh/find/grep/sed one liners)

... may be useful functional extensions/patches, not included in main
line (called to be featuritis or only special purpose)

... a central place anybody can quickly pick up additional functionality
(Busybox related)

... like an application store for Busybox functional

Any suggestions?


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