ls output

Harald Becker ralda at
Thu May 12 14:57:33 UTC 2011

 Hallo David! ... again ;-)

> It appears as though '-A' also shows hidden files, but that defeats
> the purpose of the '-a' command.  Bug perhaps?

No bug. It is exactly what '-A' shall do, else suppression of '.' and
'..' doesn't show up either (they start wit a dot, that is they are
hidden). The function of '-A' is a modified '-a' to show hidden files
but hide the directory tree links ('.' and '..').

No '-a' and no '-A': Don't show files starting wit dot
'-a': Show all files including '.' and '..'
'-A': Show all files except '.' and '..'
'-a' and '-A': Useless (undefined if '.' and '..' shows up?)

> To show all of the files in a single column without showing the . and
> .. directories, I would use 'ls -AR1', however the . and ..
> directories are still showing up in the listing.  

Looks like a bug, combining '-A' and '-R'.


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