mdev with hda's

David Henderson dhenderson at
Wed May 11 19:34:22 UTC 2011

On 05/11/2011 03:32 PM, Harald Becker wrote:
>   Hallo David!
>> Since both are immediately exporting the environment, they will have
>> the same information as originally posted, but for the sake of
>> argument, I did as asked with the output below:
> Your output was a kind of verification. It doesn't show up the expected
> result (not your failure). So a much deeper investigation is required.
> Seems you revealed a bigger mdev issue.
> Meanwhile the only guaranteed variables are MDEV and SUBSYSTEM. That
> means you can't reliably expect other variables in helper scripts
> contain usable initial values (on all types of devices). Only those two
> and the default shell variables, are initialized correctly. Other
> variables can just contain garbage, and may even be used to fool mdev
> helper scripts.
> ... it is not a bug of the current mdev implementation, as mdev
> description notes the only variable exported is MDEV ... but it reveals
> that mdev is missing a really important feature or need at least
> additional documentation at this point.
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> Harald
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Thanks Harald.  Does anyone know how to contact the current maintainer 
of mdev to let him/her/they know about this issue so it can be corrected?


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