mdev with hda's

Harald Becker ralda at
Wed May 11 19:32:49 UTC 2011

 Hallo David!

> Since both are immediately exporting the environment, they will have
> the same information as originally posted, but for the sake of
> argument, I did as asked with the output below:

Your output was a kind of verification. It doesn't show up the expected
result (not your failure). So a much deeper investigation is required.
Seems you revealed a bigger mdev issue.

Meanwhile the only guaranteed variables are MDEV and SUBSYSTEM. That
means you can't reliably expect other variables in helper scripts
contain usable initial values (on all types of devices). Only those two
and the default shell variables, are initialized correctly. Other
variables can just contain garbage, and may even be used to fool mdev
helper scripts.

... it is not a bug of the current mdev implementation, as mdev
description notes the only variable exported is MDEV ... but it reveals
that mdev is missing a really important feature or need at least
additional documentation at this point.


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