mdev with hda's

David Henderson dhenderson at
Wed May 11 16:52:13 UTC 2011

On 05/11/2011 12:40 PM, Harald Becker wrote:
>   Hallo David,
> I had another look on your env outputs  and found an interesting question:
> Have you called mdev the same way (as hotplug handler) for the sda
> listings and for the hda listings ... or did you use "mdev -s" anywhere
> in that process? ... Could this be the reason for the environment
> differences?
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> Harald
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When generating the output for that reply, no.  For the sda devices, I 
called my script since they work natively with it (see below for the 
first three lines that get executed in that script).  When producing the 
output for the hda's, I called the mdev rule "@env >> /tmp/parent2".  
However, even though I executed the 'env' command differently when 
producing the output for that reply, I've also used just the mdev rule 
"@env >> /tmp/parent" without calling my script and the output was the same.

The first three lines of my script:

((TEMP=$RANDOM + 2 + $RANDOM))    # create a randomly named file 
containing the mdev environment to be read in below
env > /tmp/${TEMP}.info                        # output the dynamically 
generated mdev environment to a unique filename (e.g. /tmp/
. /tmp/${TEMP}.info                                # read in that file 
so the variables are accessible within this script


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