mdev with hda's

Harald Becker ralda at
Tue May 10 18:30:45 UTC 2011

 Hallo David!

> Hey Harald, currently I'm not using my script as shown by the above
> mdev.conf lines.  I won't even begin to troubleshoot it until the mdev
> environment exporting can get resolved (as my script uses several
> variables from it).  Any ideas why it's being exported incorrectly?

Before we start another UUID/serial number story, can you give an exact
example which script fails in exactly which way and how it is called ...
else any unspecific idea can lead into the wrong direction ...

... or in other word's: The only idea I got from your description is, it
can't be a a problem of mdev ... sorry ... so, give exact example, please.

... or try out my short example and give output of comparable
/tmp/parent and /tmp/parent2

... how else shall we do diagnosis to resolve a trouble, without exact


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