mdev with hda's

David Henderson dhenderson at
Tue May 10 15:16:48 UTC 2011

Hi all, I'm still working with mdev and attached storage devices (from 
the previous thread).  Currently, I've created a bash script that gets 
called to process all attached storage devices and everything seems to 
work just fine with USB, but for any fixed disks the script bombs 
horribly.  As a result, I just started with the most basic first step of 
exporting the mdev environment to a text file to see what values are 
being passed to the script.  To my amazement, it appears that the actual 
shell environment is being exported and not the mdev environment.  Has 
anyone else encountered this or is this a bug with busyboxes mdev?  I'll 
include the below mdev.conf file entries to show what's going on.

(sd[a-z])               root:users      660     */etc/mdev/storage disk
(sd[a-z])([0-9]+)       root:users      660     */etc/mdev/storage disk
(hd[a-z])               root:users      660     @env >> /tmp/parent
(hd[a-z])([0-9]+)       root:users      660     @env >> /tmp/child

The /tmp/parent and /tmp/child text files contain all the shell 
environment variables with the additional "MDEV" variable added.  At 
this point, I'm obviously working solely with mdev and not my script to 
process hda devices.  Any ideas?


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