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Sun May 8 08:49:06 UTC 2011

Am 07.05.2011 13:40, schrieb Sven Mascheck:
> I am searching busybox ash documentation but haven't found any [1].
> (and I can't find any definitive statement that there's none, either.)
> How do I find out about the changes which have been made to the dash
> which it was originally derived from - apart from wading through the
> git logs?  I'm both interested in fixes and features [2].
> Are poeple supposed to find out about the very features by try&error,
> or by reading other ash manuals, and the opengroup specs?


> Are bash features only added to minimize surprises, that is, to grok
> existing scripts, and not so much to be used "as documented"?
> (how to debug subtle problems then?)

ash tries to be POSIX shell, ntl the real world uses things like BASH
they expect certain things simply to work.

> Cheers
> -Sven
> [1] It's listed among the "currently available applets"
> in and the source,
> but apparently it's the only applet without documentation.

yes, ash you may know that literate programming never entered mainstream
and so documentation is a bit sparse. But bb tries to avoid inventing features
that are not included in the POSIX specs and so you can rely on that. (please
report missing features).


> I've searched this mailing list and only found
> [2]
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