ash documentation

Sven Mascheck mascheck at
Sat May 7 11:40:42 UTC 2011

I am searching busybox ash documentation but haven't found any [1].
(and I can't find any definitive statement that there's none, either.)

How do I find out about the changes which have been made to the dash
which it was originally derived from - apart from wading through the
git logs?  I'm both interested in fixes and features [2].

Are poeple supposed to find out about the very features by try&error,
or by reading other ash manuals, and the opengroup specs?

Are bash features only added to minimize surprises, that is, to grok
existing scripts, and not so much to be used "as documented"?
(how to debug subtle problems then?)


[1] It's listed among the "currently available applets"
in and the source,
but apparently it's the only applet without documentation.

I've searched this mailing list and only found


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