Serial Number

David Henderson dhenderson at
Fri May 6 20:15:15 UTC 2011

On 05/06/2011 02:38 PM, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
> On Fri, 06 May 2011 12:35:28 -0400
> David Henderson<dhenderson at>  wrote:
>> Hey Harald, thanks for the reply.  If I can gain access to the serial
>> numbers of the drive, I'd just create a symlink with that being the name
>> of the file.  In the absence of a serial number (since it's not
>> detectable in all scenarios), I'd probably default to some other types
>> of info (e.g. manufacturer, model #, etc).  Perhaps a peek into your
>> file might help as I'm also using mdev to call an external script for
>> processing.
> I've written a slightly sophisticated mdev mount script:
> It is GPL v2.
> It is not using the serial number but only the model, because this is
> easily available from sysfs.
> Hope it helps.

Thanks for the script Stefan, I'll look through it and see if I can 
borrow parts of it. :)

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