[1.16.2] A couple of issues with hush

Gilles codecomplete at free.fr
Fri May 6 08:09:16 UTC 2011


	Since it's the recommended option, I included the hush shell in
Busybox to run on uClinux, and have a couple of issues with it:

1. I get "^[[A" when hitting the up arrow to use a command previously
typed. Generally speaking, the arrow keys don't work

2. Hitting the TAB key doesn't provide path completion

3. When I'm in eg. /etc, the prompt simply says "/etc #" while
/etc/profile includes PS1='\u:\w> ', ie. username + current directory.
I guess hush doesn't read /etc/profile?

I'm told I might not have chosen the right options in Buildroot, but I
have no idea what to choose. Here are the options I checked:
#Don't build an independent shell: Use Busybox
Core Applications
Shell Program (other)  --->

BusyBox  --->
Choose your default shell (hush)  --->
--- hush
[*]   bash-compatible extensions
[ ]   help builtin
[*]   Interactive mode
[ ]     Job control
[ ]   Process substitution
[*]   Support if/then/elif/else/fi
[*]   Support for, while and until loops
[*]   Support case ... esac statement
[*]   Support funcname() { commands; } syntax
[ ]     Support local builtin
[*]   Support export '-n' option
[ ]   Pseudorandom generator and $RANDOM variable
[ ] lash (deprecated: aliased to hush)
[ ] msh (deprecated: please use hush)
[*] POSIX math support
[ ]   Extend POSIX math support to 64 bit
[ ] Hide message on interactive shell startup
[ ] cttyhack

Any help appreciated, thank you.

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