[PATCH] portmap: new applet

Lukas Huba huba.lukas at centrum.cz
Mon May 2 15:00:00 UTC 2011

> 1st, checking for ports < 1024 on remote calls is nearly pointless:
> it is a verstige of the era when the case of *unprivileged* user
> attacking over network was a usual case. These days, remote attackers
> usually will have no trouble using a machine where they have root
> (such as using their own laptop...).
It's for local applications. Only user with root privileges can have port < 1024.

> Since we use such a small subset here, maybe we just open-code it?
What exactly do you mean?

> Support IPv6
Is support of IPv6 for portmap really necessary?
I believe that portmap (version 2) commonly has not support for IPv6.
IPv6 support has rpcbind (version 2, 3, 4) but it is partial different from portmap.

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