Limitations on a command line

Cathey, Jim jcathey at
Fri Jan 28 18:41:48 UTC 2011

>I have some rubbish code I've inherited and don't have time to rewrite,
>which can spit out
>   tar file1 file2 file3.... 
>where each of the file names is up to 100 chars, and there could be up
>2000 of them in theory.

This is what xargs is for.  (Hint: use tar -r)

	find glop | xargs -r tar -r archive

or maybe:

	<big-assed-file xargs -r tar -r archive

Xargs' main job is to ensure that command lines don't end up 'too big',
assuming that the command can still work if split up some.

-- Jim

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