ifup and run-parts

David Collier from_busybox_maillist at dexdyne.com
Tue Jan 25 22:16:00 UTC 2011


excellent - thanks - I thought there must be a way :-)

> Only in "standard" ifup/down does that too.

I'm terribly sorry, I don't understand that.

Do you mean that other implementations pass the interface name as $1,
possibly in addition to $IFACE?

If so, how would you feel about adding the 30 bytes to do it as standard?


I tried to google for things like "man /etc/network/if-down.d" , but
couldn't find any - is there a good place to look for a howto? Something
that would have told me about $IFACE?

Or do I need to learn to read source code better ?


> ----------------------------------------------------
> by the way - in Config.in the help test for run-parts says you can
> exclude it - but if it's issued by ifup and ifdown, then won't 
> that provoke errors?
well yes, but the average punter is not going to read that from the info
in the help text as it stands. 

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