[PATCH] getty: Wait until all output written to stdout has beentransmitted

Cathey, Jim jcathey at ciena.com
Mon Jan 24 17:18:37 UTC 2011

>As far as I can tell, a proper version of
>those program should not have any of the 1989 code still in it.  Call
>stty to set the terminal parameters, wait for somebody to hit enter,
>maybe "cat /etc/issue", then run the login command.
>What else does it do?

One of the big jobs of getty (which didn't exist in the very
beginning) was to try to figure out the baud rate of the
incoming serial session.  The only reason it managed the "login:"
prompt, which was/is part of login's job, was so that it had
something to work with on the serial line.  Most of the rest
of the crap (like uppercase-only) was to deal with nasty serial
terminals that had pretty much died out by the late 70's.  (But
they were very expensive, and nobody was going to throw them away
until they'd gotten their money's worth.  I had the pleasure of
using a few in college.  "I want my Hazeltine!")

Most of the weird serial terminal stuff is gone, but I'd think
that serial data rate detection would still be important in some
places, especially some classes of embedded systems.  And modems
aren't gone everywhere, not yet.

-- Jim

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