[PATCH] systemd compatibility

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 22 17:58:52 UTC 2011

On Sunday 16 January 2011 17:33, Davide Cavalca wrote:
> Hi,
> here's a couple of patches to improve busybox compatibility with
> systemd:
> - 0001 adds a minimal sd-daemon implementation to libbb
> - 0002 implements socket activation for syslogd
> - 0003 implements hwclock --systz

Applied 0003, thanks!

> - 0004 adds example systemd units for a number of busybox applets
> The sd-daemon stuff is a stripped-down version of the reference
> implementation shipped with systemd, with only the bare minimum required
> to make syslogd work (i.e. AF_UNIX socket activation). hwclock --systz
> is based on the util-linux-ng implementation.

Tell me more about this systemd stuff. Why is it useful?
Why syslogd needs changing for it?


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