David Collier from_busybox_maillist at
Wed Jan 19 17:01:00 UTC 2011

I recently realised that the syslogd in busybox takes a path/filename and
a file length and a number-of-files. Lovely

I am running an embedded system, and it does things at start-up like & &
which dumps any/all debug information that the s/w MIGHT be able to give
me into a black hole.

Or if I run it from the console, it interleaves it so I can't see what's

what I'd like to do is something like &         > /var/log/datalogging/log         200 3 & > /var/log/modemcommunications/log 200 3
and log the output of each process into the RAMdisk in it's own
limited-size log file(s).

I hear there's something called logrotate I can compile and install, but
it is frustrating that all the code to do this seems to be in busybox for
syslogd - can it be bent to my purpose in any way?


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