Vladimir Dronnikov dronnikov at
Wed Jan 12 19:48:33 UTC 2011

> Thanks for the script Andrew!  I'll incorporate it (and possibly use it
> permenantly) right away.  Also, I am currently using the full version of
> modutils offered by busybox, so no patching for me! :)

BB modutils is quite good. Stay with them. Use Andrew's script for
coldplugging and BB mdev for hotplugging.

ndev is dated, and I've no time to modernize it or even check if it
works for recent kernels.

However, to fully scan devices you should find all uevent files in the
following places (it worked for May 2010's kernel, I repeat):
/sys/block, /sys/class, /sys/devices. Reading uevent files gives you
environments to call modprobe (if $MODALIAS is set).

I guess you;ll find uevent for your NIC under /sys/devices

Best regards,

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