David Henderson dhenderson at
Wed Jan 12 16:15:49 UTC 2011

So far in my project, I've been loading the kernel modules (drivers) 
manually in the startup scripts.  This is, obviously, far from ideal as 
this will only allow the OS to work on a fixed set of hardware.  I've 
been investigating how to use mdev to install the drivers for detected 
hardware (e.g. network cards).  So far, it looks like I'll have to setup 
a script that's called by mdev to process any kernel modules related to 
the hardware in /etc/mdev.conf.  The problem I've found is that I can't 
really find an example of how to do this with mdev (udev seems to use 
$MODALIAS with /etc/udev/scripts).  I've also searched the busybox 
documentation for mdev which doesn't cover this topic.  Can anyone point 
me to some relevant documentation/example, or provide something to get 
me started?


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