David Henderson dhenderson at digital-pipe.com
Sat Jan 8 17:13:45 UTC 2011

I'm back with yet another question - thanks to all of those who've been 
patient and provided help thus far.  I'm working on the actual login 
aspect of the distro at this point, but have been running into problems 
using some of the applets provided in busybox.  I'm sure they're user 
error, but here we go...

I initially tried to copy the /etc/passwd, shadow, group, and gshadow 
files from my working Kubuntu distro to busybox (after recompiling 
without pam support).  I figured it wouldn't work, and it failed as I 
suspected.  What I decided to do, at this point, was get to a prompt and 
create those files using the applets from busybox so there'd be no 
issues.  Below is what I tried to do and the errors that were given:

# cd /etc
# rm group gshadow passwd shadow
# touch group gshadow passwd shadow
# addgroup -g 0 root
# addgroup users
# cat group
# adduser -h /root -s /bin/bash -G root -u 0 root
adduser: unknown group root
# adduser -h /home/dave -s /bin/bash -G users dave
adduser: unknown group users

I read online that busybox may not work well with GID's and UID's 
outside of the range specified in it's configuration (mine was set to 
start at 100 and end at 999 by default).  So I was expecting issues 
adding and working with the root account as it's UID and GID are 0.  
However, busybox added the "users" group as 1000 (outside the range 
specified in its config) and still gives errors when trying to use it.  
Any ideas?


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