hush - memory leak?

Piotr Grudzinski piotr at
Mon Jan 3 20:38:32 UTC 2011

>> The kernel and uClibc are from  release 20080808.
> This is almost certainly a uclinux bug, in their modified version of the 
> nommu
> C library.  You need to ask them about it.

 I have done some experimenting with uClinux-dist and kernel 2.6.29 and the 
busybox seems to be running 'clean'. I will try to use the latest code from 

> Google says that arm922t is an armv4 instruction set with the Thumb 
> extensions
> (armv4t).  I take it you're running it nommu to save the memory page 
> tables
> would take up?  (How much ram has it got?)
That's how the system was designed initially (not by me). There is 8MB of 
Flash and 16MB of RAM


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