hush - memory leak?

Rob Landley rob at
Mon Jan 3 19:22:38 UTC 2011

On Monday 03 January 2011 08:43:41 Piotr Grudzinski wrote:
> > If it was kernel, gcc would probably be triggering it.  It's almost
> > certainly
> > a uClibc bug.  You're using a 3.5 year old version on a platform variant
> > (nommu) that really didn't have much testing back then.
> >
> > Which uClibc source tree are you using, what's your .config, and what
> > target
> > architecture are you building for?
> >
> > Rob
> The kernel and uClibc are from  release 20080808.

This is almost certainly a uclinux bug, in their modified version of the nommu 
C library.  You need to ask them about it.

> I sent my .config with the initial posting on Dec 21. Can you get it?
> (There seems to be some problem with my attachments sent to
> busybox at

There's a maximum message size for posting.

> Architecture - ARM922T.
> gcc - custom toolchain based on gcc 3.4.6.

Arm architectures are actually things like "armv4l, armv5l, armv6l".  I did a 
writeup on them here:

Google says that arm922t is an armv4 instruction set with the Thumb extensions 
(armv4t).  I take it you're running it nommu to save the memory page tables 
would take up?  (How much ram has it got?)

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