[PATCH] acpid: add config file and map file

Souf Oued souf_oued at yahoo.fr
Mon Sep 20 11:27:32 UTC 2010

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Sorry, I do not know what happened with my previous message

This patch adds these three options to acpid:
1/ acpid -p pidfile
2/ acpid -a /etc/acpid.conf
acpid.conf syntax is like this:
PWRF    /etc/acpi/power_btn.sh
BAT0    /etc/acpi/battery.sh

3/ acpid -M /etc/acpi.map
acpi.map syntax is like this:
#s_type    n_type(hex)    s_code            n_code     value    description
EV_KEY    0x01                KEY_MUTE     113           1           
button/mute MUTE 00000080 00000000
EV_KEY    0x01                KEY_POWER   116           1           
button/power PWRF 00000080 00000000

The purpose of these files is to avoid using hard-coded values in acpid 
and no longer depend on linux/input.h.
Obviously, if there is not one of these files, acpid ensures a minimum 
service, this makes it flexible and
configurable for different needs

Best rgards

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