blockdev applet proposal

Sergey Naumov sknaumov at
Sun Sep 5 20:28:36 UTC 2010

I have prepared and attached new version of my applet:

> Please put all things (help/config/applet/kbuild) into one file.

Code proposals applied except of
> ->ioc can be uint16_t (IIRC all ioctl constants fin into 16 bits).
It breaks --getsize64, --getbsz, --setbsz commands (IOCTL exits with
"Invalid argument" error), ->ioc still has long type.

Help slightly extended by return codes (I think someone could benefit
from distinguishing "no such device" and "ioctl failure" errors).
Error code 1 reserved for libbb functions and is named "usage error".

It adds 0 !! bytes to stripped busybox (default config) and 79 bytes
to unstripped version. Could you explain how it comes? Is there some
compression? Thanks in advance.

Finally, let me say that I enjoyed busybox team idea of putting all
info in ONE file - no more conflicting patches! Great job!

Sergey Naumov.
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