Problem with ash redirection changing behaviour

Richard Purdie rpurdie at
Wed Jun 2 09:56:43 UTC 2010


I have an issue having recently upgraded busybox. The change that is
causing me problems is:

which is sanity checking file descriptors before allowing redirection.

A script that triggers the problem is:

exec 9>&0 </etc/fstab
while read fs mnt type opts dump pass junk
	echo $fs
exec 0>&9 9>&-

The idea being to save stdin, read from a file and then restore stdin
without forking. This used to work but now when run as ". script" from
ash this results in:

line 1: 0: Bad file descriptor

which is in turn due to is_hidden_fd() returning 1 since stdin was being
read as the source for commands.

I can see what its getting at as stdin was where the main shell was
accepting data from. bash doesn't error with this.

Is this error the expected result or a bug in busybox?

I can see some argument for saving copies of fd's when using
pushfile()/popfile() but I thought I'd ask the question.



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