busybox-static link error

Denys Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 24 05:43:24 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 24 August 2010 06:13, Sergey Naumov wrote:
> Hello.
> Sorry, there was no log in the previous mail.
> I have created cross-toolchain for power-pc architecture on the basis
> of gcc-4.5.1 and eglibc-2.11.2 with c++ support.
> I want to statically link busybox 1.17.1, but following errors occured:
>   undefined reference to _Unwind_Resume
>   undefined reference to __gcc_personality_v0
> in libc functions called by busybox applets.

I'd hazard to guess that (e)glibc broke static linking again.
glibc has a history of mostly ignoring static linking,
up to the point when maintainer muses that *all* libraries
*must* be* dynamic (!).

Did you consider using uclibc?

Maybe Aboriginal Linux is what you need?


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