how to make # normal for httpd.conf

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Yeah, I tried \# before, but it seemed that the effective password was
maybe for it, #FGU is just the comment, so it bypassed them
I didn't try $ that would have some side effects as you specified I


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Generally you proceed special characters with a \

Depeding on the input method, you might also put the \ when enter the
password as well. 

Had a similar issue when a user used a $ in their password, but in the
shell script it is a variable prefix. 

So, I would try that as a test, but others might provide more info.

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Subject:                   how to make # normal for httpd.conf
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> Hi guys,
> I want to use "#" character aspart of my password 
> so myhttpd.conf is as follows:
> A:192.168.4.
> D:*
> but "#" has a special purpose, used as the indicator of the beginning
of one comment 
> so how tomake "#"be a normal character?
> Thanks for your attention and reply.
> Regards,
> Winston

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