is NFS mounting borked in bb-1.1.1?

Rob Landley rob at
Thu Mar 30 01:03:39 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 29 March 2006 2:32 pm, Kumar Gala wrote:

> >> # mount /local
> >> mount: Mounting  on /local failed: Invalid argument
> >
> > Huh.  Parsing the above, it looks like it should do a:
> >
> >   mount -t nfs -o defaults,nolock kgala_lnx:/local /local
> >
> > Does that work?
> Yes that works.

Ok, so singlemount() and mount_it_now() are ok, and the problem's in 

> >> We should probably only match on mtcur->mnt_dir if mtcur->type ==
> >> "nfs"
> >
> > Even if you didn't say noauto?
> Well, I'd assume we would still do the MOUNT_NOAUTO | MOUNT_SWAP
> testing.

mount -a should match everything that doesn't have "noauto" set, I mean...

> >> , however I dont see how we would actual call singlemount() even
> >> if we matched the mtcur.
> >
> > mntgetent_r() populates a structure from fstab.  We keep two
> > structures: the
> > current one we're looking at and the last one we found.  That's the
> > swapping
> > mtcur and mtnext part, they both point to mtpair.  At the start of
> > the loop,
> > mtnext is pointed at whichever one mtcur doesn't point to.  When we
> > load an
> > mtcur we want to keep, we point mtcur at mtnext so the next load will
> > overwrite the other one.
> >
> > When we hit the end of the list we look at the last match (which is
> > in mtnext,
> > the one we _didn't_ load.)
> >
> > I was calling mtnext "mtother" for a while, but it was
> > approximately as
> > confusing either way.  mtswap, perhaps?
> But we dont do anything with mtnext which is my confusion.  I believe
> what's happening in my case is we iterate over all entries in /etc/
> fstab dont find a match and fall through to the end of the file rc=1
> so I get the "Mounting ... failed" error.

Yeah, that could be the case.  The check for 
strcmp(argv[optind],mtcur->mnt_dir) should be triggering, though, which means 
that mtcur should be toggled to the other slot, and the data we read earlier 
should be waiting for us in mtnext when we hit the end of the loop.

I take it this is not happening...

> The only way we mount anything is if optind == argc.  In my case
> optind = 1 and argc = 2.  Thus no mater what matching occurs we
> aren't going to mount anything.

No, when we hit the end of the list, getmntent_r() should return 0, which goes 
through into the test with the comment "Were we looking for something 
specific?", which is for optind != argc, and then makes use of mtnext...

> - kumar

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