cksum missing

walter harms wharms at
Tue Mar 21 18:15:25 UTC 2006

you may like to look at this:
it says basicly there are 3 sorts of crc32.
You can init with 0 or ~0 and xor the result with 0 or ~0
more over there is a big and little endian version:
(nice reading: linux kernel code

the question is how to handle all this ? i will take a dive into the 
code and lets see what happens next.


Rob Sullivan wrote:
>> We already have two checksum calculation things.  One in bunzip and one in
>> gunzip.  (They're two different kinds of CRC32.  The same basic algorithm but
>> the endianness is different and one is initialized to 0 the other to -1.)
> How about integrating a CRC32 function into libbb with both types of
> endianness? This might save a fair bit of duplicated code.
> Rob

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