Yan Seiner yan at
Wed Mar 15 21:07:05 UTC 2006

Rob Landley wrote:

>I'm not convinced adding httpd was a good idea, and we definitely don't want 
>dropbear (cool as it is).  We need to make some sort of policy decisions at 
>some point, which will probably come after a menu reorganization where we 
>audit what it is we've got...
I would guess that many of us who use busybox also use dropbear.  It 
would be useful to know *why* other neat utilities like dropbear are not 
included, and (perhaps) what might be...

I cat guess why you don't want buysbox, but it woudl be good to know...  
We (those of us on the outside) might learn something useful that we can 
apply to our own mini-systems....



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