Rob Landley rob at
Wed Mar 15 17:54:40 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 15 March 2006 11:50 am, Jason Schoon wrote:
> I once posted a patch to add mkdosfs to Busybox as mkfs.msdos.  Later there
> was some cleanup needed on it, and no longer having a device to support
> that used it, I just didn't have the ambition to work with it any longer. 
> Plus the code was fairly ugly, and it really just needed to be cleanly
> rewritten.

Do you have a link?  I'll throw it on the TODO heap.

> This reminds me of something I wanted to bring up a while back.  There is a
> contributing.txt in the docs directory of Busybox.  It spells out several
> examples of things that Busybox does not need.  The first two listed are no
> longer valid, since they say fdisk is not welcome, nor are filesystem
> manipulation tools (i.e. mkdosfs or ext2).

Heh.  Yeah, that sounds a bit out of date.

> The fifth point spells out not 
> including servers, specifically httpd, which we of course have as well.

I'm not convinced adding httpd was a good idea, and we definitely don't want 
dropbear (cool as it is).  We need to make some sort of policy decisions at 
some point, which will probably come after a menu reorganization where we 
audit what it is we've got...

> Probably ought to either eliminate the document altogether, or give it a
> good cleaning.



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