Init hanging

Rob Landley rob at
Thu Mar 9 18:06:58 UTC 2006

On Thursday 09 March 2006 12:44 am, Vadivelan at wrote:
> Hi,
> 	The root filesystem which I've is for mips4 64-bit architecture.
> I'm working on a mips3 64-bit architecture.
> 	Hence I've compiled my own busybox. In the menuconfig I've given
> the path and prefix of the cross compiler I'm using and also the
> compiler flag as -march=mips3. I've built it as a static library and
> installed them in a temporary directory using "make PREFIX=/tmp/
> install-hardlinks".
> Then I've copied all the binaries to the directory which contains my
> root file system.
> I've also created a link as /sbin/init -> ../bin/busybox.
> But still init does not run.
> I've also modified init_main() to print some messages.
> But its not working.
> I'm unable to trace the problem.
> Kindly help me resolve this.

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I'm deciding I'm unauthorized, since I wasn't specifically named on your 
recipients list.  Who do I inform about the disclosure?

> You should not disclose, copy or otherwise 
> use the information contained in the message or any annexure.

I refuse to be bound by terms and conditions in your email signature.  It's 
just not happening.

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If they wrote the .sig, they're advertising the fact that they are idiots.

(I'm unnecessarily grumpy right now.  Time for a break.)

Never bet against the cheap plastic solution.

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