konqueror embedded from busybox init

yan seiner yan at seiner.com
Thu Mar 9 16:57:29 UTC 2006

Stephen Warren wrote:

>Yan Seiner wrote:
>>A short usleep between the header write and the full write seems to
>>solve the issue...  (that also explains why it would sometimes work and
>>sometimes not...)
>Sounds like the definition of "short usleep" might vary depending on how
>long it takes the receiver to drain the pipe etc. Shouldn't the writer
>select/poll on the FD, and keep waking up and writing as much as it can
>every time the pipe is writable. That way, there's no arbitrary length
>sleeping involved.

I agree, and I submitted a bug report to the KDE folks suggesting 
exactly that.

If they wrote it in C, I might try to submit a patch....  But my C++ 
coding skills are non-existent....

So I took the quick and dirty way out: "It works for me (tm)" :-)


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