kill -1 behaviour

Giuseppe Ciotta giuseppe at
Wed Mar 8 13:38:36 UTC 2006


I have basically to kill all system processes (except init) and
execute a pivot_root followed by a chroot into a new filesystem.  I've
disabled /bin/kill in favour of the ash builtin of the same
name. Note: I'm running an interactive ash.

Trying to kill all processes with ``kill -TERM -1'' kills the current
shell too, this is annoying since i cannot continue with pivot_root
and chroot.  Reading the kill(2) manual found on my debian
installation, i see:

¨POSIX 1003.1-2001 requires that kill(-1,sig) send sig to all processes
that the current process may send signals to, except possibly for some
implementation-defined system processes.  Linux allows a process to
signal itself, but on Linux the call kill(-1,sig) does not signal the
current process."

Then i assume there's something wrong in the specification or in the
kill(2) implementation, since kill(-1,sig) seems to signal the current
process which actually sent the signal.

Am I missing something out of the picture?

P.S.: init tricked me for a while into thinking ash was not receiving
the signal, but it was simply a respawn put into inittab creating a
new shell when the current ended. Well, then it's more correct to say
it was me tricking myself...

Giuseppe Ciotta
(string 99 105 97 111)

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