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Mon Mar 6 16:42:55 UTC 2006

Yann E. MORIN wrote:


> For all these reasons, being a maintainer is a hard work, and I'm glad someone
> like Rob Landley is maintaining busybox. I would not like for anything in the
> world to be in his place.
> To me, Rob does a good job at maintaining busybox.

  I speak just because I think I am one of the last arrived here that 
submit patches: at first Rob seems very very hard in judging the paches, 
and sometimes made me think:"come on baby apply it and go over" but 
after I spent some time here I see that he is very patience and he is 
right a lot of time. I think he does that because he is looking for the 

  After I will have cope with my exams I will be back on bb site to see 
if there are some news on "How to contribute in BB" material. Tutorial 
could not substitute tutors, but tutorial in long terms save a lot of 
time both to the students and tutors.

  Another very very important instrument to develop and save time is the 
testsuite. I tend to forget it... but after 8-9 patches on the same 
thing I started to understand that testsuite is THE gate for the "at 
least working patch" world.

  I think all the mainteiners should have to provide these tools and 
improve them. I did not said this not happened but I know playing with 
code is much more interesting for everybody...

Roberto A. Foglietta
skype: robang74

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