warning: type mismatch in shell/cmdedit.c

Denis Vlasenko vda at ilport.com.ua
Mon Mar 6 08:09:06 UTC 2006

On Friday 03 March 2006 19:03, Vladimir N. Oleynik wrote:
> Andreas,
> > And just to set the record straight: lurking here for a few years now I have
> > to admit that Rob sometimes may be stubborn and rude (usually with a reason),
> > but I think that everybody on this list agrees that he tried to work with
> > you for quite some time, 
> This tread of conversation served me as demonstration of that,
> how I would like to see collective work above the project and may be last
> posting to this mailist. Unless I want much?
> In fact such way can and unload the bb maintainer and simplify work
> of original authors.
> > but you refused to agree on the license that busybox demands. 
> Have you ask about my cmdedit.c license?
> Ohh. I should repeat. Clumsy my attempt of a raising of a problem
> of the license was response (attack) to a policy of maintaining.
> > to mention you broken mail setup.
> Do not accept email from dynamic-like ip is broken?
> Oh, no! It is senseless for discussing, but I envy you, you probably
> do not pay for traffic? I pay $0.10/Mb.


Your mail account (@simtreas.ru) is owned by government agency.
I just checked: http://simtreas.ru/ shows Ulyanovsk Treasury's homepage.

I can't believe you are paying for it's traffic from your own pocket.

Maybe you do pay for your _home_ internet $0.10/Mb, but you do not receive
dzo at simtreas.ru mail there, right?

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