two small suggestions for the build process

Rob Landley rob at
Sun Mar 5 18:12:50 UTC 2006

On Sunday 05 March 2006 7:43 am, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> 1) add "./busybox_unstripped" to the [dist]clean: target(s)
> 2) personally, i would prefer to have the "allyesconfig" target *not*
> select "Compile all sources at once."  i like to think of making
> "allyesconfig" as building in every possible BB feature.

No, defconfig builds every bb feature that's expected to work.  Yesconfig 
enables everything except cross-compiling, and that should at least build.

> but 
> compiling all sources at once isn't really a feature, it's rather a
> specialized build option that might get in the way of testing a normal
> build.

You mean like doing a static build while at the same time building and linking 
against the busybox shared library, plus enabling all debugging features?  
Which yesconfig currently already does?

Disable enough to get a "sane" configuration, and you have defconfig.

> just my $0.02.  there may be other selections that fall into that
> category as well that i just haven't noticed yet.

Try "make defconfig".

Never bet against the cheap plastic solution.

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