bug with e2fsprogs and make?

Bernhard Fischer rep.nop at aon.at
Thu Mar 2 10:47:05 UTC 2006


1) current svn
$(patsubst %,$(objdir)/%,$(BLKID_OBJS)): $(objdir)/blkid/%.o: $(srcdir)/%.c|$(objdir)/blkid

a) make-3.81b4 (debian version)

b) make-3.80
make: *** No rule to make target
', needed by `/scratch/obj/busybox/e2fsprogs/blkid/blkid_getsize.o'.

2) proper deps:
I suspect that the proper prerequisites would be:
$(patsubst %,$(objdir)/%,$(BLKID_OBJS)): $(objdir)/blkid/%.o: $(srcdir)/blkid/%.c|$(objdir)/blkid

a) make-3.81b4 (debian version)
make: *** No rule to make target
needed by
`/scratch/obj/busybox/e2fsprogs/blkid/blkid_getsize.o'.  Stop.

b) make-3.80

o) does everyone agree that 2) is the proper thing to do?
o) is this a known issue and if so, is anyone aware of a workaround
   which doesn't involve trying to be (bug-)compatible by looking at

We would not trigger this glitch, if e2fsprogs was better integrated in
the buildsystem and busybox itself. I'd expect that all would be well
if the e2fsprogs subdirs had their stuff in Makefile.in's in the
respective subdirs.  This would also nullify the need to do
that E2FSPROGS_TMP_KLUDGE for building out of tree.
Furthermore, e2fsprogs is also completely broken in IMA-mode, as
already stated earlier. Anyone willing to fix this?

Comments? Suggestions?

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