Ok guys, test svn 13222. It's 1.1.0-rc1.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Jan 9 23:45:59 PST 2006

There are still bugs in the bug list, many of them real.  But I'm not seeing 
anything that bothers me enough to hold up the release.  (There will be a 
1.1.1 in a couple months.)

Here are all the currently non-closed entries in the bug generator.  Not all 
are actually _bugs_, but that's just another fun thing about the bug 
generator.  Here's the list:

0000627     New Features  feature  new logread option: -n (like tail)
0000620     New Features  feature  add a small and static DNS server daemon

Later to both.

0000615  6  Other  major  sed convert 0x00 to 0x0a

No, it's not major.  It's actually very minor.  There are a couple of other 
sed tests that fail, and I'm sure reading the susv3 spec and doing a proper 
audit (by which I mean finishing the testsuite) will find plenty more.  I 
intend to fix it but won't hold up the release for it.  I need to spend a 
weekend just on sed sometime.

One reason the bug generator is such a sparkling dinner companion is there's 
no way to re-categorize these things.  Not that attempting to sort them 
actually works anyway...

0000614  Standards Compliance  minor  ftput: fail to submit local_path if 
local_path do not refer to a local file

TODO in 1.1.1, I glanced at a couple of patches and they were horked in 
various ways.

0000612  Security  crash  Buffer Overflow in the httpd

That's for vodz, not me.

0000609  2  Other  major losetup not working

I haven't been able to reproduce this one.  Seems 2.4 specific, which could 
easily mean build environment specific.  Need to set up a 2.4 test 
environment, I'll probably dredge up an old knoppix and run it under qemu or 
something.  But not tonight.

0000608  5  Networking Support  minor  The httpd doesn’t work properly on 
debug mode.

Again, for vladimir to fix/close out if he's interested.

0000605     Other  major  fsck -A fails ("need terminal for interactive 

The bug report is doesn't say but I think it's actually an fsck.ext2 issue.  
(No way to tell from an fstab full of "auto", of course.  But I found the 
error message string that was reported, anyway.)  As with mount -a, it's 
fairly tough to test this sort of thing.

My firmware Linux distro will eventually be usable (for me, anyway) as a test 
environment under which I can regression test this sort of thing.  But not 
this week.

0000604  1  Security  minor  passwd doesnt use salt with md5 passwords

This one would bother me a lot if there wasn't a workaround (use sha1 
passwords).  I don't know how to fix it just now, and learning will take a 
while since documentation on this isn't quite forthcoming...

0000549  1  Other  major  Wrong SUID handling when invoking busybox binary 

Don't do that then.  If running busybox under the name "busybox" drops 
permissions, _GOOD_.

0000543     Other  major  switch_root fails

I checked in the non-debug version in svn 12960.  I haven't closed the bug out 
yet because I haven't had a chance to test it, but it should work.

0000534  2  Other  minor  "mount -t auto " broken

This is another "doctor, it hurts when I do this".  I've got it on my to-do 
list for the big mount facelift I've been struggling with for the past few 
weeks, but I'm not holding up 1.1 for it.  Hopefully 1.1.1 will be much 
better about this.

0000505     New Features  feature  Add support for one applet being setuid for 
only some users

Feature request, and I'm not sure it's even a good idea.  (If we want to add 
sudo as an applet, then add sudo as an applet.  Don't reinvent it in a 
strange way.)

0000488     Other  minor  init does not reap zombies when running actions

Init is a longstanding problem that should get a complete overhaul in 1.2.  

0000486     Networking Support  minor  busybox wget prepends a '/' to ftp 
URL's pathname, unlike GNU wget

Anybody else notice that wget and ftpget need to be merged?  (See svn 12184.)

0000478  3  Documentation  feature  Three patches to Busybox 1.01
0000465  1  New Features  feature  [PATCH] Options to nc for setting DiffServ 
DSCP and VLAN user-priority
0000461     New Features  minor  PATCH: route accept bit netmask 
0000436  1  New Features  minor  Duplicate messages suppressing
0000407     New Features  feature  Debian's update-alternatives

These are all feature requests.  We'll get back to these later.

0000403     Networking Support  minor  ifup -a" seems to ignore 
up/down/pre-up/pre-down in /etc/network/interfaces

I use ifconfig rather than ifup, and although I've been known to learn a new 
tool to fix a bug, I'm not holding up the release for it either.

0000395  5  Other  minor  GNU/kFreeBSD support

Feature request.  Kind of ugly feature request at that, anyway.

0000379     Other  minor  Control-C (SIGINT) is ignored or creates zombie 

Busybox init still needs a root canal.  TODO item for 1.2.

0000347  5  Standards Compliance  minor  tar: Decompression failed returns 
exit status 0 even error happened

I just looked at a patch for this that was 21k and made all sorts of unrelated 
changes to the file.  I'll give it another look shortly after 1.1.0 ships.

0000324  2  Other  major  start-stop-daemon failed to start up syslogd

I don't use it.  I'll try to get to this in 1.1.1.

0000309  1  Networking Support  minor  ping -s n localhost , with n smaller 
then 6 results in wrong timing results

Yeah, I reproduced this and I have no _idea_ what's going on.  Need to stare 
at it some more and trace through to figure out what brand of epic 
strangeness could be causing this.

On the other hand, this is more a curiosity than a real problem.

0000281     Other  major  mount -at <type> mounts all the file systems, not 
just those of type <type>

Real problem, and there's a patch for it, but it's big enough it should 
probably have a CONFIG option and and I want to look at it some more.  (See 
"redesign of this area of code coming".)  This should be fixed in 1.1.1.

0000280     Networking Support  feature  [PATCH] Kill annoying log messages in 

There's some sort of black magic I'm supposed to do to keep udhcp in sync with 
the busybox version that's icky enough I'm avoiding touching it for now.  
Revisit in 1.1.1...

0000279  2  Networking Support  major  [PATCH] On-demand net module loading 

I don't use this and I'd want it filtered through Yann Morin anyway.  I'll bug 
him later.

0000277     Networking Support  feature  Added IPv6 support for tftp and 
telnet client and a few more new features for both clients (see below)

Feature request.  We'll get back to this...

0000276  1  Kernel Module Support  major  Linux 2.6 module autoloading breaks 
when support for 2.4 modules is disabled

I suspect this was fixed, and again it's Yann's area...

0000251     Networking Support  minor  broadcast address isn't recalculated if 
ifconfig of a network address with a non-standard netmask

A feature I've never used and thus am not prepared to test at the moment.  The 
patch looks sane and seems like it would still apply.  TODO in 1.1.1...

0000249     Other  tweak  constify patch
0000241     Networking Support  minor  Statusbar not working in stdout output 
mode for wget
0000225  3  New Features  feature  Implement support for -S and -b flags to 
`ln' binary.
0000224     New Features  feature  Add --reverse option to run-parts

These are either optimizations, cosmetic fixes, or new feature requests.  
Fodder for 1.1.1...

0000190  2  New Features  feature  add proper CGI support to the busybox httpd
0000186     Networking Support  minor  HTTP responses contain LF instead of 
CRLF; CGI protocol violation

These are for vodz to close out, not me.

0000158  2  New Features  major  libbb, export it and callable from c program.

New feature for 1.2.

0000145     Standards Compliance  major  Fix strange behavior when issue df 
with pseudo root device(/dev/root).

I'm still confused from reading the bug report.  The patch is pretty 
straightforward but I'm not quite sure what the issue is.  (If we shouldn't 
be looking up a real root device for /dev/root, then don't do that.  Don't 
compare and block the name to prevent us from doing a special case lookup...)

0000136  5  Other  major  expr get weird results with long numbers

This is a feature request for 64 bit math.  Need to more generally figure out 
where 64 bit math is appopriate, and probably put a global CONFIG_FEATURE for 

0000132     New Features  feature  Implement fork using longjmp
0000115  10  New Features  minor  12-08-05  ifenslave
0000106  1  New Features  tweak  Allow Syslog Remote Connections

Feature requests.

0000102     Standards Compliance  minor  problem with large fdisk partitions

See bug #136: we need a global option for 64 bit math.  (And is "long file 
support" the same question, by the way?)

0000058  1  Other  tweak  Compiling ash.c with DEBUG defined generates link 

So what?

0000018     Other  minor  Could not compile vi.c as Standalone

Queued for 1.2 is "make standalone" which should let all the busybox apps 
build as individual apps, plus libbb.so which makes has the option of making 
that less painful than it would otherwise be.

0000014  4  License Violations  block  ZipIt wireless IM device using 

So put them in the hall of shame already, the bug generator isn't the place 
for this...

And that's the bug list.  I'll give you guys a day or two for the usual last 
minute panicing, bang on it a bit myself, and then fling a tarball at Erik.

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