Busybox 1.3.0 is available

Eric Spakman E.Spakman at inter.nl.net
Thu Dec 14 21:50:54 UTC 2006

Hi Denis,

A few bugs in this latest release.

When running start-stop-daemon the response is always "already running",
no matter what you try to start, either something that exist or doesn't

An example:
start-stop-daemon --start --exec bogus
bogus already running

This problem doesn't seem to occur when you use the --pidfile option.

When running ifup on an interface that doesn't exist but has been
configured in /etc/network/interfaces, you get a segmentation fault. This
wasn't the case with busybox


> Hi people,
> Tarball is already in http://busybox.net/downloads/,
> busybox.net webpage will be updated soon.
> Bug fixes will go into 1.3.x, new development into
> current svn and eventually 1.4.0. --
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