busybox current status

Denis Vlasenko vda.linux at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 2 20:24:56 UTC 2006

On Saturday 02 December 2006 20:50, Roberto A. Foglietta wrote:
> I hope this solve your dubts (and I hope to have understood your msg):
> [roberto at nbraf busybox]$ dd if=/dev/zero bs=512 count=1 >pippo.tar
> entrati 1+0 record
> usciti 1+0 record
> [roberto at nbraf busybox]$ gzip pippo.tar
> [roberto at nbraf busybox]$ ./busybox tar xvzf pippo.tar.gz
> tar: short read

You have a valid compressed file (so gzip returns 0), which
isn't a valid tar file. Our tar handles this correctly.

What is handled incorrectly is when gzip returns !0,
but tar ignores that and happily eats truncated input.
If it will so happen that truncated input is a valid
tar file (just a few thousand tarred files are cut off
at the tail), tar will terminate with exit code 0.
Which is a lie. Files were not extracted without errors.

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