[BusyBox] lpd?

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Sun Jun 26 14:56:31 UTC 2005

nice other ppl also share the idea of printing from embedded systems. 
(in the beginning i had the odd feeeling of beeing alone.)

but we should be carefull. A printing *system* client/server/driver
is clearly overload for busybox (let alone spooling area etc).

IMHO a 'print server project' using cups/lprng could easy be done.
the codebase for ghostscript is gpl so its easy to add PS ability
to a given printer (me likes ps :).
The important question is 'do i have enought power/space' ?
Printer soometimes have powerfull processors on-board. aktualy the the 
HP lj we have here has certainly more space than the entiere embedded 
system we use.


btw: the solution my be nearer than exspected:

  [gs-devel] Porting Ghostscript to Embedded platform without file system

pps2: did anyone ever run linux on a printer ? sometimes i would like to 
send those buggy ps implementation down the drain.

Robert Schwebel wrote:
> Hi Walter, 
> On Sun, Jun 26, 2005 at 02:43:08PM +0200, walter harms wrote:
>>I am willing to support a 'printer' subsystem withing busybox (to make 
>>it clear i would like to have somebody else but i need the lpr support). 
>>i also talked to some embedded system guy on linuxday who likes the idea 
>>of printing from a router box so he can send his bills etc automaticly :)
>>i guess the next problem is to convince eric anderseon what he needs to 
>>add a printing section to busybox :)
> We also had the requirement to be able to do some printing from embedded
> systems; the main problem is surely not having something like lpr, but a
> sophisticated driver framework. This probably leads to trying to port
> ghostscript down to the requirements of embedded environments, which is
> something that is probably not an easy task. 
> Robert

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