[BusyBox] Background Processes hanging init startup scripts

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Fri Jun 10 07:06:35 UTC 2005

we run dropbear with no ill effects from init.
   201 root        664 S   /usr/sbin/dropbear

of cause its running as root. i can imagin that you can not access 
certain ports perhaps that causes a problem. refer to the dropbear ml to 
get more about the problem.


Joe Camadine wrote:
> The problem i am having is that syslogd and dropbear sshd.. when ever i
> try
> to run them via shell script at startup .. it hangs at that process and
> doesnt continue on with the next scripts yet its running in the
> background and i can actualy  ssh to the dropbear server.. and if i run
> either while logged in as root they seem to function fine .. oddly..
> telnetd which goes to background doesn't have this problem .. 
> Any one familular with this problem ? i searched the lists first and
> couldn't find anything relevant. i noticed that sh also turned into a
> zombie .. or at least when this all happens a zombie of sh exists till i
> kill the program.
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